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Spokane WA: Boy Scouts & Huskies

On January 20, 2007, Janet Elliott of S.N.O. was invited by Tom Brasseur of Tobotuk Kennels to visit the Inland Norwest Council, Grizzly District Klondike Derby Boy scout camp to talk about Siberian Huskies and mushing.

Joining us was Lee Reed of Aurora Siberians.

The morning started with Janet giving a short talk about what makes a good sled dog, mushing equipment, Siberian Huskies and SNO rescue. The scouts were able to look at Janet’s toboggan sled and meet some of her dogs.

Tom brought a few of his kennel’s beautiful show/working dogs and a basket sled. He shared more information about mushing and sled dogs. Lee brought his new champion Alaskan Malamute, Monte, so the scouts had a chance to meet and hear about a different breed of sled dog. Janet’s sled was set up for a 16 dog team so we had 16 scouts grab hold of the tug lines* and had the scouts gee haw ** around the camp trails.

* the line that attaches to a dogs harness

**commands used to direct the dogs to turn right and left.

After the demonstration there was time for the scouts to give the dogs lots of hugs and belly rubs. Everyone, including the dogs had a wonderful time.