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Saving Rojo

Rojo's Story

Rojo is a gorgeous 6 month old well behaved Siberian of apparent good breeding. She has had the misfortune of being afflicted with Demodectic Mange.  

Rojo was picked up as a stray and taken to the local shelter. Her owners were notified of her whereabouts, but they declined to retrieve her. The staff and volunteers of the shelter notified several rescues of her predicament and her need of rescuing.

S.N.O. is pleased to have been able to help this wonderful girl. There are many others out there who may not be so lucky as to find a refuge due to lack of money and/or resources.

How you can help

Rojo's medical bills have put a squeeze on S.N.O.'s funds and our emergency medical fund is very low. Thanks to our Vet who donated a portion of her treatment we were able to give Rojo the kind of medical treatment all pets should be able to expect. A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Funds not used for Rojo will be used for another Siberian in desperate need of emergency medical help. SNO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to send a donation please send a check made out to S.N.O. or donate via PayPal.

Thank you!!

Volunteers and Dogs of S.N.O.

For more information on Demodectic Mange click here.

Rojo: Three week Update… Looking much better!

And the story continues... by Helen Porter

Rojo went in for a recheck and passed with flying colors. The Vets were pleased and impressed at the resilience of this little girl. Her hair is fully covering her face throat and most of her body. The mites are gone, the inflammation and infection have all cleared up and she was pronounced ready for phase II; spay and entropion surgery.

The vet called to discuss the surgery while they prepped her in the operating room. He reminded me that all surgeries are dangerous and because her lids were so far turned under and so tightly held under he could not tell how much of the lid would have to come off. He wanted me to be aware that she may need subsequent surgeries. I assured him that I was aware of all of this and that I trusted him completely. Three hours later the phone rang and  those wonderful words “she has beautiful eyes” made me laugh and cry at the same.

Rojo's vet bills are still mounting and we expect them to top out at close to $1,100.00. We thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to open your heart and wallet for this one special pup. In ten days Rojo will be ready to go to her new forever home and I know I will always be proud of the small part I was allowed to play in her rescue.

Updated July 31, 2004. Rojo after eye-entropin and spay surgery.