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Site Last Updated: October 6, 2016

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How Many People Does it Take to get a Husky to Hawaii??

By: Jacques Porter

Near the beginning of the war in Iraq I received a call from a service man and his wife about surrendering their beloved Riley, a beautiful young Female AKC Siberian. He was being shipped out, they had “lost their base housing” and his wife was going to Texas to live with her parents (there was no room for the dog). Between her crying and his held back tears it was apparent that this was something they were not ok with. I offered them a low cost boarding till he returned or they could get her back with them. They talked and weighed the finances, we negotiated and a fee was set. It has been a hard time for them but they have never missed a payment or failed to call about their baby regularly. His orders have changed several times but as of now they are stationed in Hawaii for the next three years with him shipping out  in mid-April for one year.

Riley has been poked, prodded, vaccinated, and tested, she is on a first name basis with her vet and is now ready to roll. Everything is all squared away for a no quarantine entry into Hawaii the only thing left is to get her health certificate and that is a last minute thing. The problem is that after all these months and all the time and effort it took to get Riley ready for “no quarantine” entry his wife got laid off at her job and money is a real concern for service people. He had leave arranged and was flying here to get his girl and fly her home…now not enough money. So now the hunt for an economy flight to Hawaii was on, along with a workable plan to get this wonderful dog from Sonora, California to the Airport in San Jose.

This is where the title of this story comes to light. “How many people does it take to get one Siberian Husky to Hawaii? Well, let me tell you it takes a bunch <smile>…

First of all dog rescues are full of great folks. There is Janet who lives in Atascadero who spent hours on line researching cheap tickets leaving from several airports, then there is Camilla from San Jose who drove from San Jose to Sonora, three hours away to pick up Riley the day before her flight and drive her back to San Jose. We can’t forget Nic who is keeping Riley over night and providing sleep over room for Jay (Janet's husband) from Atascadero who will accompany Riley on her trip and hand her over to her family in Hawaii… Ahhhhh, but not all have been mentioned yet… our researcher from earlier in this tale drove our chaperone (her husband) to San Jose about a three hour drive, turned around and then drove home to care for her pack of Huskies. Which brings us to the job of getting to the airport with the dog for the early morning flight, Enter Nic again who volunteered to drive Jay and dog to the plane and help get Riley checked in at 4:00 a.m. Talk about a production… it went just like clockwork and as I write this Riley and her people have been reunited and are enjoying being back together.

Don'tcha just love a good ending…