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Changes to S.N.O. - December 2013 Letter

December 3, 2013

In 2003 Jacques’ Porter and I decided to expand on our many years of experience rescuing dogs by forming this rescue effort. The name Siberians Needing Owners, SNO was Jacques’s inspiration. Over the years, SNO foster homes and volunteers have saved many Siberians and SNO is very grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Time and circumstances have conspired in a way so as to require some changes. In consideration of several factors I have made the decision that SNO will no longer be taking in new fosters for adoption but will redirect its focus on the sanctuary aspect of our mission.

The Northern Dreams Sanctuary program was made a reality to honor the memory of Jacques’s Porter. SNO will continue forward with this program that seeks to take in as many special needs dogs as space and time allows. The Sanctuary was established to provide long term shelter and care for dogs that are able to lead quality lives but due to advanced age, handicaps, or chronic illness are unlikely to find their forever homes through the foster/adoption process. Many of the Sanctuary dogs would be available for adoption to a home willing and able to care for a special needs dog.

I want to thank those that have made our rescue effort a success over the years. The numerous volunteers that have created web pages, hauled food, transported dogs and promoted our efforts with fundraising.  I cannot thank you all enough. Without you we would never have been able to do what we did.

To the foster homes I cannot say enough praise. For without you, all of the forever homes could not have been found. I know the hours spent on phone calls with troubled owners, the panicked calls from shelter workers, the sometimes difficult calls to vets and the the stress of difficult decisions that sometime had to be made. I also know the efforts to interview prospective owners and the home checks also weighed on personal lives and relationships. And, of course, the dogs themselves; with the mixture of fun and work they presented. We all found the joy that made these efforts worthwhile when a dog finally found that forever home. My utmost thanks to you all.

This should not be viewed as an end to this effort but as new opportunities for us all. There are other rescue organizations that need help or new ones that can be created and I urge you all to continue with this worthwhile effort with other groups and organizations.

Jay and I will be continuing our efforts with the Sanctuary program where we are looking forward to focusing our energies and resources on this group of dogs that are so often left behind through no fault of their own.

Again, all my thanks and to those that helped make the efforts of SNO a success over the years.

Janet Elliott


Siberians Needing Owners